Just an average day in my life as a college student. 

“I’m going to study this chapter today no matter what.

This chair is uncomfortable. You know what? This whole setup is uncomfortable. I’ll be much more efficient if I move my table and chair over there. 

Oh look at the amount of dust under that table. I better clean this up. Don’t want to get sick this close to the exams.

This is going to take a while, let’s play some music. That should speed it up.

Damn it! The fan was turned on. All the dust I swept is all over the room again. I have to start over. But first, I need a break.

*Ten episodes later*

Didn’t I have to do something today? Oh right. Clean the room. Better get to it. 

I’m going to have to turn off the fan.  It’s 40°C right now. I’m going to need so much water. Would you look at that? My bottle’s empty. Better go fill it. 

I don’t like the water from this water cooler. It tastes funny. The one all the way on the other side of the building is the perfect one.

Hang on… I have an exam coming up. Okay, I’ll just turn off the music and listen to a video lecture instead while I clean. That way, I’m very productive.

I’m hungry. Let me go grab lunch. 

I’m feeling so sleepy. I’ll be more efficient after a twenty minute nap. A power nap. Exactly. That’s what I need. Ahh, this pillow is so soft.

*Four hours later*

Why do I feel like I have a hangover? Ahh, this pillow is so soft.

*Two more hours later*

Is that the time already? Okay, I’ll just stay up late to study. But first, dinner.

I’ll take a short nap to catch up some sleep so that I don’t feel sleep during the night. While I am studying. With full focus. Ahh, this  pillow is so soft.

*Two hours later*

Okay, I can’t do this. I’ll just turn in for the night, get up early tomorrow and get a head start on the day. What is this pillow made out of? Clouds from heaven?

*Wakes up at twelve in the afternoon*

Huh? What? Oh. Right. Education. Career. Life. Exam.



Five more minutes.”



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